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Competition Entry by theoretic (Guest)

Submit Date: December 8, 2009

So think of this while you're brewing a pot of coffee
An applicant for terrorism dreams of kamikaze
Missions into your office, wishin' that we could stop these
Acts of mass destruction, the pressures are getting awfully
Heavy upon the shoulders, hopin' that god'll show us
The ingredients to influence those that want to control us.
But we couldn't read the signs, we see with low resolution.
Criticism is spewed at problems with no solutions.
The angle has been skewed, the geometry's too confusin'
The abortion of our freedom is what we're all gettin' used ta.
We never go out, we always stay in,
We too afraid of all our neighbors, family and friends.
The walls are closing in, barricaded in,
Locked inside a den where we digitally pretend.
To be social without human interaction.
What's the synopsis Doc? Tell me what happened.
It seems like this is all just a joke, but no one's laughin,
Except for the terrorist who dies, he gets the last one.

PS - Don't let fear control you, stand up for your rights! Peace out!


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