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Competition Entry by D-Cyper (Guest)

Submit Date: December 9, 2009

I got all the ingredients for greatness,
Your rhymes are pathetic and aimless.
The only way you can take me out is to kamikaze,
Even then I'll still make you my bitch like a Swazi.
You takin' criticism like a Nazi,
Won't see a thing until your autopsy.
Only reason you alive is your mama,
Didn't want a period, so used you as a comma.
You were an applicant for abortion,
The synopsis blames absorption.
My resolution is to kill a few,
Press Control and Q to undo you.
I'll rap angles thrice 'round you with trigonometry,
To measure my lyrical might, you'll need geometry.
My influence is that of an ancient demi god,
To survive with me you use ghost write like a mod.

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