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Competition Entry by blaq ali (Member)

Submit Date: December 10, 2009

im fresh out d diaper,dis is ma cypha,ma ish make u hypa.
im bringin change 2d game cal m barack obama,ali is d name blo haters up like osama.
so much ingredients dat i gatta cook wit,im whippin pasteries like im from brooklyn.
i always deliva dope rhymes wack mcz cant neglect,they gat so much abortion so they sho me respect.
im so eccentric,m flo is geometry,every ish i drop is topnotch classic.
im in charge of d game so im always in d office,wack mcz are ma applicants i run em down like athletes.
im kamikaze wit ma attitude,on top of ma game so im high like altitude.
i take criticisms from haters and enemies and wen im winnin dey wanna b frends of me.
i go hard cus i gat great resolution,other mcz go home cuz dey aint gat ma potion.
mcz cant take d heat;dey unda so much pressure.dis is ma pleasure,i do dis at ma leisure.
i turn haters in2 zombies so dey neva no ma next move.i must b a great influence and i gat nufin to prove.
m flo is obnoxious;pardon m manners;dis is m synopsis,so much country grammar

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