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Competition Entry by mr.ammunition (Member)

Submit Date: December 10, 2009

yeah' i gat one hand in the air like the statue of liberty
am the president,you hoping to be ma deputy
wannabes celebrities should recognize am a street property relatively geometry,fully prepared for any war tour
dummy i gat the kamikaze
giant & gallant applicant,am a useful reference,
delivering educational rhymes,call me a good influence,
but i put pressures on hating creatures
it's the resolution being in existence,off pretence
mr.abortion stop disturbing yourself you can't deliver a structural rhyme without a motive from me that has a natural shine,
i don't care about criticism,this is gon to nicholas cage all minds,
am the reason you feeling this way
am the reason your dreams wants to stay
all august visiting rappers that lack nutritional ingredients should wait till next may (yeah')
and this just a synopsis of ma love for the game,gunz 'n' roses.
(it's ammunition in da house)

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