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Competition Entry by DaOnlyChef (Member)

Submit Date: December 15, 2009

An applicant for abortion? I suggest less contortion
The situations synopsis leaves room for distortion
If you apportion your options, give way to resolution
Silence the influence of that who seek retribution
And want your execution, sayin you look to do the same
The criticism from these fools who do nothin but blame
Try so hard to force shame, with their picket sign influence
Putting in their two cents with no clue how immense
The pressures can get, to try and be a single mom
In this day and age, is a kamikaze bomb
When itís welfare youíre on, and the dad canít be seen
Cause heís in jail or on drugs another thug whoís obscene
So please donít be mean, if you donít understand
Anger ingredients youíre feedin it no alternative plans
Just a geometry of demands, as if god sent you to be
The protector of those youíll never know, and their unborn baby.

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