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Competition Entry by UKnoIT ThA T.O. chIcK (Guest)

Submit Date: December 27, 2009

uh, uh, ye, im that type of rapper chick , who splits shit up, n dimez on lay low, fukin kamikaze they jus swarmin wit popos n photography in the land of armies n logos who r the paparazzi jus tryna get on me, tryna finna harm me, let me mash up sum ingredients, cuz im nawt like u inexperienced, ima fukin bad influence but who give a shit, influenced n in true her instrumental, hip hop def blow, ye influence this one on me ur nuissance , so ur talk shit cant sharpen tha beef, dun threton me wit geometry, cuz ill b doin ya math, before ull b countin straight jack, uh cum to toronto bitchez, ill trick any of u to walk thru loopholez n man subsided ur addictions 'll grow cuz im the fuel music provider, i fukin hate that damn geometry cuz all it stands is landscapes man that aint ma hobby, ima rhyme jockey who only talks bout what she kno n dun include in her flows the geometry, ima chick who be on her feet at all times so flow will go so sick n seek under n beneath. haha giv me tha synopsis, who givez a fuk cuz u aint goin nowhere wit that female choppin, what synopsis is my ability to flow sum wild fire n poetry, flowin everyday when the beat hits the float, i pound on the dj jockey n then start to gloat, synopsis is shit when im singin infront crowds in moshpits, music loud, dun get me started on this fukin abortion, its between a proportion if the mother can handel the birth can affoard it, im not likin it one bit, who b the applicant , ill apply for a job but not unless i can handel n get on wit full hands on grip. so hatas fuk the criticism, im a chick on a mission, incision this in my brain, only way ull get me, cuz cant trick me, im a one chick army, my pressure is on, till im stressin n pressin ur arm, pound chalk dun do no harm. unless its dark. so wit my words of wisdom ill take a picture n ull b in em,
hmm.. decisions n decisions what could i do to make u listen check for this resolution its perfect includin the resolution. haha check it who giv a fuk this rhyme suck but ill b beat if i hav sum luck jus dun criticize n realize i jus did this one shot for fun. not doin this to make an album.

aha ye ye.. check its ya women lil_chickette i jus did this while i was bored whatevr criticize ill ignore, if u like well then ill do sum more. to help spread my word n vision fr u to explore... pce....

check out ma gurlz hiphopreaction page.... $piTter_MagZ

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