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Competition Entry by T.D.B (Member)

Submit Date: December 29, 2009

i kno i been gone for a minute but like a blockbuster movie
im what you gotta see
my rhymes fit yours outta shape call it bad geometry
its obvious to see nobody gettin wit him
since im always geting better
take the love along with the criticism
im just sayin me vs. you its no competition
got em wishin they could even compete in my division
but they can't so they can never really see my vision
Detroit get no respect im lettin them kno i got this
the game equals no talent gimicks thats my synopsis
it used to be about realness and skill now its contorted
if pac and big had todays rap as a baby no questionin
the answer would b abortion
da dopest lines eva created no doubt i been havin dat
da top da #1 applicant if i aint already havin it
if real rap can't take over it gotta at least start mingilin
make talent be 50% of the ingriedients
i guess up to me to do it so dope shyt can be da next generations main influence
i spit cold bars these boys like a fax machine they dnt copy
im for the progression of the culture so imma make this happen if i gotta kamikaze
im da best aint no if maybes or problys
hip hop we tight beyond measure but all these whack standards puttin unnecessary pressures
anybody as real as me im salutin
bring rap back to its essence my new years resolution

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