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Competition Entry by Adonis (Member)

Submit Date: February 2, 2010

yo, it's no challenge when it comes to usin' my talent,
I'm thinkin' so much that my cranium is losin' its balance,
it's a lyrical exercise in order to test your mind,
I'm known to check the rhyme, anyone can justify, I bet if I
show this to the public, they'll focus and they'll love it,
my audience is bigger than the size of the coverage
of the lens of a camera yo, it's understandable,
my fortunate fate is sealed like a letter in an envelope,
I'm better than you amateurs, I'm the rappin' assassin,
I'm always up to no good, I'm badder than Jackson,
I have a knack for some action, but I stay so patient,
my flow's greatest, and New York is my location,
I love tacklin' and battlin' these inaccurate savages,
Rap music, I have a knack for it, killin' it is imaginative,
I have a desire to viciously stop the cowards,
"you think you can?" of course, like Snap, I GOT THE POWER!
I must defend myself, these fools expect to conquer me,
man, they don't even know what the heck is quantity,
no joke, I'm gonna pro-voke every slo-mo who gets no dough,
hypothetically speakin', I'm about to pro-mote, so go.

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