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Competition Entry by Capri-Sun (Member)

Submit Date: February 2, 2010

In reality, don't challenge me. I'm the rapping assassin
with enthusiastic, massive rap patterns that cause action
I'm the most amazing. My flow's the greatest, ain't it?
I'm associated with the dopest poets. I know their location
This is the moment when my flow gets ferocious
I gotta promote it and beat my opponents who are hoping
that I fall down. I'm going all-out. The rap addict
is back at it killing you wack rappers like I'm backstabbing
I make professional records like the Trackmasters
I'm a detonator, record breaker. Watch the glass shatter
I'm the last rapper my foes should go up against "fa sho"
Here's a death wish. You get the message. It's in an envelope
You cowards know how powerful and redoubtable I am
For every hour I'm rhyming, my power is rising
Time to devour you guys with my disastrous lyrics
This ain't acting, you live it. Life ain't imaginative
You can't buy love, kid. Their goes your coverage
I know you're giving up and you should just kick the bucket
It's quality over quantity, and honestly,
you can't justify on how to impressively test your mind

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