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Competition Entry by Konceptz (Member)

Submit Date: March 8, 2010

Appears kid words scientific like hieroglyphics in pyramids
Ancient Egyptian Enscriptions Its A miracle I ain't disected
I'm the nucleus of any nuclear talk sit and stand corrected
My variant flow has you doin the wave to the tidal(title)
I's (eyes) diagonal from the medical nebula rev me up
My rhyme and reason has rhythm and purpose
My speech took me years cemented it far from the impediment
Beat up six teens at seventeen ya buddy wit bloody jeans
Ligaments caught a real tear predicament kneel or wheelchair
Inconsiderate escapade crazy veteran consider it best a dayz
Come in any ways always down to try-angles like a pyramid
Didn't need 20bars coulda beat em wit a hot seventeen charge
Callin all wheelchairs I sever limbs if ya aint in my branch
My slang is evident didnt benefit from the impediment class
My warfare ain't never fair plus it's a nuclear scare
I'll die before you get me to get diagonal I don't bend
Styles there's no comparen it It's apparent it's variant
Wesson or smith em bullets to the floor give you rhythm
Solo crew on a crusade rest can fade a wreckhappy escapade
Miracle masquerade no mask just a face to face don't ask

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