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Competition Entry by Hrt. @ Chimericbenefactor@gmai (Guest)

Submit Date: March 10, 2010

The funny thing is i'm searin it at seventeen
Like a pyramid scheme, i'm mean
I tag team to get laid
On my escapade to get paid
Girls hair up in a braid
I strayed but not diagonal
I'm straight but using magnum all
Day never a variant
Std's never i'm never sparin it
Give me a second its
Not my fault i have an impediment
But i said its just
Me in my wheel chair ready to bust
Infected with
Trust not lust
Just the intention with
Just nut and bust
I just love to cuss
Upon the rhythm
I find ladies
And get with em
Lick em' then split em'
Like a miracle
I get with em'
And spare a bowl
So I don't hit em
I'm blowin up
The factor is i'm showin up
Like a nuclear reactor
I'm goin up
I only smack her
For throwin up
Shes slow enough
Needs to
Go fast
Shes a good looker
My flow is rough
No cash
Cause shes a hooker

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