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Competition Entry by Bród (Member)

Submit Date: April 5, 2010

To evolve from a nation, into an empire,
There is one obligation, fed by desire,
You must insulate the bravest, nurture their growth,
No matter the gravest, sever the weak coming forth,
Allow them to suffocate, so the strong may cultivate,
Then they may fabricate, causing power to replicate,
Sting like acid and devastate like the horde,
Leave everything placid and not one survivor ignored,
To spread your name, leave few, but traumatized,
Feel no shame, do not become stigmatized,
Be impossible to hit, and act criminally,
Your enemy's throat slit, effort exerted minimally,
Act very formal, stories of your might will be animated,
Seem paranormal, allows enemy's thoughts to be contaminated,
To forgo tax allow no millionaire, they fund your revolution,
And with more fame then Apollinaire, you have completed empirical evolution.

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