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Competition Entry by NYSourDiesel718 (Member)

Submit Date: April 6, 2010

Since I was born it was inscripted in my brains cavity ( I am the BRAVEST) so im no slave to this stuff i puff, blow out and get high as fuck, i sit back and try to INSULATE this pain in my heart cuz there is a draft from being left cold in the dark. Being shitted on by the one you love burns like ACID reflux id do anything to tuck these feelings in but they keep hanging like a fat mans gutt.Its IMPOSSSIBLE to say fuck it, ima fuck with the next best thing.cuz this nast gutt TRAUMATIZED any future dealings..i just wana separate the peelings of my love from the hate in my blood. I SUFFOCATE this enemy look at whats it done to me..breath in breathe out watch the smoke leave my mouth im sitting on the coach, PARANORMAL shit running through the house.ANIMATED laughs say "ha ha i got the best of you and you played the fool( in a looney tunes voice)"i avoid lifting my other hand cuz the glock nine is loaded on a small wooden stand. CRIMINALLY the nature of my crime is loving u too long,I shuda been gone! I was just a pawn in the game, nobody knew my name i was just a pretty dame
but now The Game changed im jason n ur kelly,I walked away a MILLIONAIRE go head and sip on ur Belvedere, Ps. dear im just being honest there was another chic in our sauna u shuda joined us, lol smiley face, and we were sipping on Romanée-Conti and umm her name was Noémi.. game over Mr. T.O.N.Y

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