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Competition Entry by Young Holly (Member)

Submit Date: April 6, 2010

The fans told me when i spit its like ACID thats to burn bitches that are plastic im not ANIMATED like Nikki so dont request it, im harder than a dick get when its fully erected, i SUFFOCATE niggas with the MaC, im 50 n ur majestic, so dont test it my guns go pow pow to clear up your congestion the mucinex just wasnt gettin it. u can get rich or dye trying. but its IMPOSSIBLE cuz im undefeated, the diamonds in my watch are colosaal. ima MILLIONAIRE i got franchises everywea like cosco and niggas buy my shit in bulk cuz i gota nasty flow..they wana be me, ur a weak rapper u doing bullshit gigs, commercials like tone loc, my shit is soo wicked u having PARANORMAL thoughts is it that serious that i got u TRAUMATIZED by the thought of u not not beating me, so CRIMINALLY im being charged with Murda Mook-n u Mr Jones i thought u was Serious bout this rap shit,nah u like a soft drink im juicin u,like hannibal lectur the particles of ur brain i blended in the cuisant taste like nectar, u thick headed nigga didnt ur mama tell u a hard head makes a soft ass, and if they ask i aint seen ya im on the vineyard playn tennis with venus and serious we aint got shit in Common but our paper and the haters they amaze me sick with the envy and jealousy that shit aint take em out yet like that heroin, shit they be BRAVEST bastards but i gota rememdy ima need sum paint and sum plaster my basement ima INSUALTE the walls, Who the fuk cares they was No Friend of mine, i just eliminate the stress and sip on wine

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