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Submit Date: April 9, 2010

I understand limitless. One man millitant, bum blam period, bazooka flow, I sun tan sentences, in a cooler tho
So CRIMINALLY insane, straight jacket on my soul.
No inner peace, In a cage. They say I take ACID, but No,
I realy take planets, inhailed this cold world, but went pale, on the flO curled.Demons holding my pillow,trying SUFFO-CATE me. but thats the kids soul dying in his fuccing day dreams. Thats the pencil writing above the drugs that ANIMATED me.Dark inside my spirit leave em TRAUMITIZED. I hear dem demons in the closet hiden.sum dont believe in
PARANORMAL activ-it-y.they comftorble demons.There dey go laufin & gigg-lin-g but the one thats scared to actually
visit me, is the the room,INSULATE em
They say im comicical but the pain i feel is horrible
I will remain real but vulnerable, but to kill me's IMPOSSIBLE,at the alter kneeled praying that God is real
jus saying How it feels now im straight poppin pills,
raking up dollar bills til im a i can leave the lair for the heavans,not to see whats there but to see what isnt there. no point to question it isnt fair

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