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Submit Date: April 10, 2010

I'm mad as shit, and when I'm mad I drop acid, I take drags so fantastic it'd be selfish to pass it, When it's cashed I don't trash it, I tap it out and I stash it, A master of the the task, the fuckin' last in the basket, So animated it's amazing, I ain't the bravest, so save it, I ain't made it, but keep tryin' to make it just like the Saints did, Tryin' to insulate the sensation, 'bout to burn you in statements,
The bearer of bad news whether it's late or pre-dated,
Get a taste of my hatred, till I suffocate and place you in,
A custom made situation where you forget what you was sayin',
I go insane criminally, on every city in the vicinity,
Now, take a minute to see, I'm a miracle lyrically,
To clear it up, put simply, I'm a fuckin' rap cleric,
A sign of the times, I take the last piece of the pie,
Droppin' bombs from the sky I caused the drama that traumatized the last bomber, An impossible written sonnet, a sentence saw-blade, I saw it, A millionaire?, just stop it, a marriage of arrogance and straight terror, In my paranormal mind is where this pair is, A lyrical terrorist when I serve and you all pass away and just perish!

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May 29, 2016

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