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Competition Entry by Philly (Member)

Submit Date: April 15, 2010

Anytime i rap i spit words like acid
they mess up your head now u don't look placid
doc said its impossible that i was mentally unstable
they was no way my rap could leave u traumatized
leave u lying in the dirt like u've been exorcised
like u've been vandalised or u've been penalised
Doesn't matter no this ain't paranormal activity
i'm just a rapper like shady, drake and p-diddy
i rap a million words a month so i guess i'm a millionaire
my rap rolls in the cash just so we clear
when i get on stage i move animated and say Yo
i repeat it several times now they think i'm pinnochio
then i rap, i rap to the addicts, my people wearing chains
the killers, the gangsters, the criminally insane
it takes the bravest of us rappers to come up on stage
to rap to swag and not show the crowd our rage
some suffocate they die early like B.I.G and Christ
now they're six feet under and as cold as ice
my rap only warms up the living it doesn't insulate the dead
so to my niggers lying in coffins u're in way over your head

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