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Competition Entry by j.real 24/7 (Guest)

Submit Date: April 18, 2010

I dont need acid to put you in a casket/
my words can kill you, fire like when gas lit/
the heats gonna get ya, no point in trying to insulate/
lyrics are my soldiers, i order to infiltrate/
im untouchable,...something like radio waves/
if your brave grab a mic and step up to the stage/
you only have faith because nothing is impossible/
to me your a muel, to you im an ox or bull/
no need to contimplate, or debate, if im great/
i say a line and i almost have you suffocate/
i take your breathe away, like it was conficated/
you wonder if its real, but nothings animated/
you look as if your traumatized,surprised in amazement/
commited to excellence, we got an engagement/
those who crimanally dream, are minimally seen/
but i plan to steal the spotlight and make it a routine/
im so hot i can make your blood boil/
cook you like ya oil, my rhymes are paranormal/
its time to kick my feet up, relax on a pavillion/
with brazillian civillians there,live like a millionare

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