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Competition Entry by Tha Genius (Member)

Submit Date: May 18, 2010

I came home to this note: I'm a prisoner of bad choices, I've never been fortunate
Enough to have all necessities and at the same time afford the shit
And this necessity has pushed me to the point of criminal exploits
Cuz every move I've made has failed and given me less choice
If only every now and then things would swing in my favor
I wouldn't be in need of this chamber holding your niece and your neighbor
In exchange for the keys to your Jeep or LeSabre, plus the things in your safe or,
Ill kill em, every minute is a minute that you leave 'em in danger
and don't get funny cuz that's only increasing the wager
and no police contact cuz if I find out, I'm keeping a tazer
With enough electricity to power a city grid
And turn ya people into what I'd describe as a gritty crisp
I've got it all planned perfect, you'll never think your way out of it
Even if you're on your P's and Q's I'm on my alphabet
don't even think about it. Not even in a fantasy
could you go to lengths great enough to stop a man as mad as me
Cuz I don't know right from wrong, I was never taught that lesson
I spent most of my school days stuck in In School Suspension
So gimme what I want, hand over the goods
You got one hour before they get killed and thrown in the woods -Tha Genius

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