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Competition Entry by Tha One (Guest)

Submit Date: May 22, 2010

Moving swiftly, carefully, the smooth criminal
Every aspect of me is to the max, not minimal
I go beyond the expected, lyrical extension
When the world hears me, they will not call for my suspension
I see that I spit without any simplicity
Lyrical current, I flow more than electricity
Mortal Combat, I attack with fatal contact
Deep impact, my attack is on point and exact
Mind disturbed though, deep insanity
I easily orchestrate a violent fantasy
I come fromthe depths, something like the ring
My words are razors blades, now watch them swing
The naked eye thinks that I have no intellect
I go from A to Z, through the whole alphabet
Anarchy, I cause, forget local ordinance
A rapper like myself is very fortunate
Flying above competition, out the airport hangar
If I were out the Wu-Tang, I would be the 10th Chamber
Godfather joint, slaughter occurs as the priest anoints
Watch as I takeover, with no exploits

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