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Competition Entry by uzzi (Member)

Submit Date: May 24, 2010

it lyk exploit dier kiddy rythme lyk a pedifile criminal
leave a permenant damage 2 dier ego a rapper in preist attire
2 generate n immitate my flow only few are furtunate
cuz ama living tall tale wat other can only exagerate
i collabrate metephor and punchline back and fort lyk a swing
this is my playground,dey know me as a the word play king
but am not using alphabet am the alpha wanna bet
head of a wolf pack ready to attack dis chiwawa pets
advance lyk an alien but close ecounter is a sucidal contact
dat flow park more energy than the middle of the sun part
exact this overstemated artist lock dier courage in my chamber
da kinda beast in meet in me is caution 2 danger
ye am dat knight slayin dese dragon in their own fairtale fantasy
big brain capacity in technquies of extracting niggas estacty
filling dier anotomy with shame castropnotrosphy i bring with high authority
transform 4rm a human 2 a beast a transformer with infinite voltage electricity
keep ur family in supension but nt a enough 2 have a good will drive
dier child 2 enter and a state of brain instability with words from da mike

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