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Competition Entry by CandiJo (Guest)

Submit Date: May 30, 2010

I saw you driving around town in your black corvette
I had called you every name in the alphabet
My whole childhood, it was just my mom and me
You were too busy tryin' to live your own fantasy
My mom struggled with rent, water, and electricity
Buyin clothes and stylin my hair so I can be pretty
You could have been there to teach me the good credentials
But you chose the streets and now you are a criminal
Your mind and everything just constantly exploits
My anger is flyin' like a million asteroids
You never made the effort to stay in contact
You wasn't in my life and that is a known fact
At times, I felt locked inside a chamber
Thinkin' from January through December
Wondering why you never did anything
My moods are changing in a rapid swing
I constantly may have felt lots of tension
But growing up, I never faced suspension
After all, I must say that I'm fortunate
Because meeting you was an embarrassment

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