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Competition Entry by Bród (Member)

Submit Date: August 2, 2010

A short-lived tyranny is beauty, so ironing irony no fruity,
You ain't harvestin' your labor, plus no lovin' your neighbor,
So breakin' the commandments, they're only fictional demandments,
Don't allow fear to make you stutter, so speak what you utter,
Don't be intolerant to lactose, just ingest and hack those,
Who refrain from living lax, just cut 'em up with a rusted ax,
And let there be infection, won't find out till disection,
A millenia later, there be many a Vader, a parstical invader,
With a viral detective, defies the abnormal collective,
Unlock secrets with a skeleton key, while the gentlemen flee,
'Cause the axis is growin', and showin' no signs of slowin',
They've got you in checkmate, the tower and knight, met fate,
Handpicked the jury panel, from the all movie channel,
They consume death & greed, 3 per lies, there is no surprise,
The asteroid impact is in fact intact and click clack,
Sit back align the target audience, view the corruption through an Audi fence,
The radioactive rock, with it the empire is trying to walk,
Into my land, like a penguin in Antarctica, only I command.

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