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Competition Entry by Rain Matrix (Guest)

Submit Date: August 14, 2010

these lyrics are so hot they might Melt ya Skin
they'll eat all the way through to your Skeleton
an event like that will leave you Scarred Quick
eventually you'll realize that your Heart Is the Target
my flow may be more than this world can Handle
one day I'll blow up and be all over music Channels
my words aren't evil or good, in darkness or Light
there 's a manfestation of my Life, make me a Knight
so I can sleep better at Night with an Empire
the truth will never die is the message I Send Liars
betters days for me and my son is where I'm Headed
it's everything I dream of, no need for a Detective
when my Tracks Hit they make you feel Elastic
the way I spit it to the bass will knock you off Axis
it'll be crazy I can't wait to see the look in Your Eyes
I'll wake you up in the middle of the night yelling Surprise
money consistantly sexy and women are Tempting
I'll leave you flightless and trapped like a Penguin Fenced In

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