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Competition Entry by Welyn (Guest)

Submit Date: August 30, 2010

Ima make yall understand something about sin,
It aint always black n white like a penguin,
Or like a fresh flannel,
It can divide people worse than the English channel,
Im so confused but the world keeps spinning on its axis,
Man I just wanna go into a theme park like maxis,
But i take comfort that i got soul like Ellington,
Hit your jazzy bone deep in your skeleton,
One day ima be bigger than a megaton,
Tower over an empire,
I simply seek to lyrically inspire,
But some dreams go up in flames like a funeral pyre,
Nevertheless it's the target I painted,
Now that we've been acquainted,
You could say I'm even holy, I've been sainted,
Honored like a great knight,
Truth yet not to be trite,
I hope like a detective I've got enough foresight,
So death doesn't come as a surprise,
Take your cap off as hip hop dies

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