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Competition Entry by J-LDS (Guest)

Submit Date: September 12, 2010

I can't believe the shit I'm hearing reading through these rhymes,its a surprise so much sleeze can be squeezed into twenty fuckin lines/so here goes here I am your own knight in shining armour/my target is you girl and I've come to try and charm ya/ see the rest of these peeps are measly its so easy to be yours/there like the leaning tower of piza, someday there gonna fall/truth is you'll never be on my level no matter how far you reach/ see u don't fit the scene like a penguin on a beach/so stop the record switch the channel change the decor cos I've had it, time to take off to the max ill run round you so fast- I'll leave your ass spinning on its axis/ I'll snap you in half like your skeletons made of plastic, so try if you like but you know you can't match this. but I'm just try to make you laugh with my twisted sense of humour,sometimes when I piss I miss and hit my shoes I,don't claim to be the best just a bit crazy so demented, no need to be a detective to detect this shit is hectic, so I'll let u read this over, its time to be reflective. I'm just a tryer and I'll climb till I can't climb any higher, till I can retire with a smile to my entire empire.

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