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Competition Entry by ellem (Member)

Submit Date: January 17, 2006

You all better acknowledge that i exist,
You try to bad-mouth me , i will resist,
All of you's who come for a match,
I will match you all tit for tat,
Man i fly flying so high like an aircraft,
True g-starr, that's a matter of fact,
Try to hold me down stuck to an anchor,
I am a true homie, and a real big gangster,
This python will cruch you to fuck,
Eat your words, down and swallow them up,
I'm in a hostage situation, here are my demands,
That i get all i want from my freestyles,
Lightin the way like a flashlight,
Maybe i am dead "I see the light"
I have a record contract, you can't hold me down,
I am destined to fly around, i do black music better than the king,
I'll dig up tupac, and bring him back to the game,
I'll do it with ma hands, fuck the spade,

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