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Competition Entry by DaBoyZilla (Member)

Submit Date: June 1, 2011

This is a gamble freestyle rumble
no sweat, my nerves are as stable as a bomb disassembled
like a treadmill ma tongue be rolling easy as i be spitting
now da whole world surround me watching, sitting
you can guess how many years it took me to rap this cool
but you'll never be right coz i be da king louis of rap and you be ma fool
like a rabbit all ya do is eat grass
while i be smoking it anyway that's ya source of nutrition
check ma teeth out, now this is a rappers dentition
yours were made for hating, just saying i ain't dissin
and even if i were
if ya tried shit i'll knock ya down like i be bowling
like tennis we could throw our dissing back and forth
but just so you know there be death where my rhyme hits
and i ain't hysterical this be lyrical madness.
just so you know i'm unstopable i'm my own lyrical army

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May 29, 2016

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