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Competition Entry by ellem (Member)

Submit Date: February 15, 2006

now listen here, this rapper is about to blow//
so fast, like a cyclone//
and tear down your home, not enough time to escape through the window//
police found you dead, but they refuse to investigate your shit flows//
cos this fukkin magician controls all behaviour//
so consider that i will spy on you later//
how fast must you run to discover//
cos i am poppin ma gun, "shit run for cover"//
consider that this ladder will be wrapped around your ass//
after it has been used to trash your pretensions//
you must be high on drugs and injections//
if ya think that this aint good lyrics//
before your next move, ya better consider//
that ima whop your ass, and avoide police//
i'll send your motherfukkin ass to sleep//

ha ha ha

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May 29, 2016

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