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Competition Entry by MallnDrawls (Guest)

Submit Date: February 11, 2012

Im hot like magma, cold like alaska
MallnDrawls aka natural DISASTER
shine like DIAMONDS, MICROPHONE master
yeah im gonna blast off, bout to go nasa
i am your asthma, suffocation when i flow
money in the bag he's nothin but a CRIMINAL
stayin AUTHENTIC, and i wanna get the doe
catch me on the SIDEWALK bumpin tell me when to go
im the whole story, introduction and the plot
he must be from outerspace, im a fuckin ASTRONAUT
bout to go stupid on my way to JUPITER
yeah im the bomb baby and im so nuclear
keep the haters at attention, when i let them thangs go
just might make you snap a TENDON, blow like a VOLCANO
stayin vicious is the mission, i dont wear a halo
superstition when you listen, cause im spittin fuego

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