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Competition Entry by Saleena (Guest)

Submit Date: February 17, 2006

i'm high on coke/it ain't no joke/this injection makes me question/is it worth it?/i'm addicted and it's twisted/i'm a spy/like fbi/trying to disscover/ I investigate/it's love mixed with hate/looking for a new rush/i need to hush/i'm talking to much/A cyclones going on in my mind/i need to unwind/but i can't find time/i can't find shit/i'm a parinoid bitch/i'm a slave to this blow/it won't let me go/i'm a fein/i can't stay clean/can't escape this shit/and i wanna quit/I consider it/the thought runs quick/i need one hit/I can't take it no more/i'm outta this hole/dissapearing like a magician/fuck climbing the ladder to sucess i'm jumping out my window to my selfish death.

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