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Competition Entry by loopy games (Guest)

Submit Date: November 6, 2006

i'm in u like u while u gatcho music like the blood CAGED...inside ur body in bloody days....i aint hesitate 2 give u descriptive solutions of spillin'LESSONs/ of molestin' ur own possession while hidin' behind the mask of jason/.....the whole nation must b proud of u in yo basis of improvements....dramatically u run yo whole rock band withou glocks n's simple sense, dat u aint so LEGENDARY like 2pac missionaries it 's necessary dat someone 'd nat gettin' scary, 2 death/ so hold yo breath/ cuz u can instantly 've it like pac or proof....within it remains the survive u'd 've 2 loot den skoot out...u neva know whn TRAGIDIES 'll catchu like blood in n blood out.....but u can have rapcity's fame dats da rap bout iz all about.........
too much bacardi in ma body transmutin'maself like mr. due tardy../ i prayed fo' rappas PARADE but slain dead by blades of arcade....but i aint afraid of usin' verbal spades 'll show u hw rappers being made unpaid....upgrade ma said words dats decayed in same girds..absurd since 2000 2006 the same clone in rappa's helic zones......cursin' each other mothrfucker over TELEPHONEs....crushin' each other's bones wit da HOCKEYSTICKs ...ova a matta of freestyles n disc jockey shyts...this iz cocky sick dat enemies fuck yo b's n leave some DEMONs in da form of semens in dat porky is it???
LUV ALL...........loopy

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