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Competition Entry by anamacity (Member)

Submit Date: November 7, 2006

have you ever looked anamcacity in the face/cuz niggas be sayin my name like they done knew mas fa'eva/ crooked cops wanna see me caged/ but they can't stop me/ still on parade through every city/legendary done been had by more nigga's than a chick in a flick/ got more demons inside than the keeper of da pits of h-e double hockey stick/ whats that you say im sick twisted/grab the only instrument i know how to play/give you a round of applause from da 9mil watch ya brains fall outta ya ears/ matter fact im a just give u a shovel tell you to dig you a grave/ give you da thang and tell you blow out ya brains/responsible for no stains/let that be a lesson/grab da telephone dial 911/ and like a phantom i'm / now that we've met nigga whats next/think u can handle more of the truth from me lil ms. anamacity

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