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Competition Entry by gunnin (Member)

Submit Date: November 8, 2006

1996-7 the day we wont forget
shot on the car n it was going to be dead
there would rise a new star
life was building bricks but the soul was far
lengendary was he greatest of all time
rapping was great but the characterwas fen
the game was on n way he played it wisdom wasnt divine
piped the smoke ,always had a wine
lived his life freely n he wanted to shine
been there done there stare at hiom u cant even dare
near uy go more u will feel he is in the air
like he has been caught in the reel he would never die,he is in the heart n soul
but his memories continue to grow n never gonna rewind
he's inside me n my soul
there are many me who loves him and they aint fool
how he die was not a big thing
what he did always remain unchanged
full of demons around surround him bt greatest was he and always continue to glow
shot five times a year ago
lord was with him and never let him go
look at his rhyme look at his style
even all so called hustler cant even touch his grave n all would be on fire
they tryan killed him and was succeded
but memories is in my heart and was never deleted
the time hasnt gone
but th e proof was in the sun
telephoned banged in everybodys home but he had left the lawn
2 pac sand proof are industries greatest
u cant even use hockey bat to break their legacy even if u hate them
they will be always singing
instrument will be ringing
and i keep praying of not hearing
any greatness dying
100 bullets on air
parade of soldiers
saluting them and they will be in heaven

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