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Competition Entry by Ny-X (Member)

Submit Date: November 9, 2006

walkin around corners Caged up right around drug ave.
so hop out pop out ill tell you fools all bout dat truth. wen u on tha bottom feelin tha Pressure lookin at a devilz creation. Seein thru Demons eyes 5 mintues of redemption thinkin bout all ur lousy explations. So im sittin watchin cuz i kno they plottin in their dreams but I still got schemes. Its a Tragdey u think you a real G, but u and me both kno therez nuttin here for you. street dudez b waitin for u in tha hood w/them gunz sum even got Hockey-Sticks from their sons. bash in ur fuckin head leavin u bloody red even wen ur dead ur still softer than bread. Only thing 4 u is rumors that never lie to rest. Now ur grl cryin over ur casket cryin over tha Telephone 2 all those trickz n dudez. Lata shell b up in tha tele ridin ur best manz dick thinkin she slick. Lookin scared 2 death cuz u kno tha bloodz and c'z b havin Parades thru tha streets. those bullets flyin ova in pairs like rat-a-tat-tat. finidn ur zone stayin alone u still haven't learned ur Lesson u never will b the Legendary presdental. Thinkin like u a mathamatic but so sad but true so stupid u couldnt even figure out a crack addict. SO dont even bother cuz u will never double cross me. Usin my words like an Instrument playin em softly so im creepin up on you. so now u kno u cant speak ur last works. Bullets or words u can ask while u look dead in tha eye starrin face up in tha sky.

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