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Competition Entry by Bugah (Guest)

Submit Date: November 9, 2006

I read wacc lyrics
so i got to put my two cents in like somebody gone hear it
sitting hear typing and cheeseing
cause I got the internet today for no reason
fake lyricist study what they write like artifacts and jesus
while I free style and punch keys like im on the street leaving bustaz teeth less
yeah I correct my spelling
is he white black or spanish aint no telling
if the last winner won with that beat up rhyme
i better get recognition this time
I can go on and on line after line
but wanna browse a lil more before I go to the store
I need a Midi cord so I can Record drop by the pawn shop and pick up a key board
so I wont get board with drum machine that I dont no how I was able to afford
hate to cut myself short but I got a life plus im feening for a newport
remember Bugah T fresh off the shore of Long Beach california to arizona where I grind feast
you probably seen me on the street and was afraid to speak
braids neatly parted and greased cacis pressed and creased gold chain almost touching the concrete yeah thats me you can just call me Y G

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