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Competition Entry by Bród (Member)

Submit Date: September 10, 2012

Dark clouds above my head, swear I've tasted death/
This isn't my soul, I'm possessed by crystal meth/
This atmosphere is black, dredged with desire/
I need an exorcist, a baptism by fire/
In private my chakra bleeds, awry and bent/
I have no spring of life, I'm without my trident/
And I have no disguise, and I lack semblance/
I'm my closest stranger, taught myself repentance/
But the panel hates me, I garner a guilty verdict/
It's my fault though, cannibalistic hearse tic/
Transfer your blood to disease with my proboscis/
Chaotic singularity, I oppose the soul of Baucis/
I breed in stagnation, need not a treadmill/
I balance on my web and in stillness I kill/
Please the pantheon, sacrifice with poker face/
Aztec Falcon warrior enter a State of Grace/
The immortals self venerate while they feast on flesh/
Fables of civilization and their tales are enmeshed/
Heightened sense accelerate time and nothingness/
Picking at my arms, I'm left as a fucking mess/

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