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Competition Entry by Kevin Colburn (Guest)

Submit Date: March 29, 2006

I grab a spade and step in my mind's garden to cultivate,
stirring my mind to get these rhymes out of a neutral state,
because I never speak literal, I always speak metaphorical because I envelope myself in my environment, I've learned from everything that I've been through like an elephant I never forget, I collect souveniers of memories strolling down the lane allowing me to gain heart as I experience the art, word play like everyday, using this page like a bicycle I ride away, and I smile at what I've made because it's me and it's real, another rhyme from another poet hoping you feel my heart, my soul, my mind, my flow, this time I know I've grown I come original, the firstfruits from my garden, a written meal, while others hide and steal, I think deep and stand still, right here in the rain and sunshine it's all fine, I tower over the weeds who try to take mine, but nope no success I'm still going, keeping it real that's me I'm still growing, I'm still flowing.

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