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Competition Entry by Frizzy2u (Member)

Submit Date: December 12, 2006

I neva fail to rip a tail thats off tha scales,
im servin hiphop fans, that likes mah detailz,
love or lust, im bout to adjust
all this tension im sensin's gone make me bust,
so please believe
i keep it extreme
i spit my lyrics like trilogy,
then i flee tha scene, so,
you wanna play me i can play you like a chess board,
take away your queen then il beat up on your pawnz, OH
you wont step this, coz im soo reckless,
i just might go insane an wear yo ass as a necklace
its near christmas, i aint gone miss this,
im gonna party hard n spit my rhymes so vicious,
'quickly, take another photograph'
coz tha frizz is so waisted, hes bound to make you laugh,
im tha type thatl neva do right,
climb up on your roof at night to steal your satellite,
then launch it like a catapult, but il do it slow,
so wen recorded it looks some kind of UFO, oh

stufft up near the end, but therz Myne....Peace Owt

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