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Competition Entry by Ny-X (Member)

Submit Date: December 12, 2006

fresh outta sin citi n imma flyer than a muthafucka. Adjust tha statellite raise up tha sound now we in connect.Push up tha scales grams turned in2 tha dough. Passin thru citi where tha chicks stay thick. Thinkin ur a hustler i show u why they say hustlin is dead but we still makin bread. Hearin these extreme beats but im met wit cold streets. Cuz my momma alwayz said life is like a chessboard one move could be ur last. Wheather man make it rain on em but who knew this bitch is nasty wit a knive. Pop off tha glock Oh shit u kno this can cuz a heat wave. Catapult ur ass bac to 134th bust ya head. Only a photograph left of u as a memory. Crooked police makin mah record like a trilogy. Askin if im gang bangin but rly at tha end of tha day i just slashed tha crooked pig. Kill off tha fake goverment. Bac 2 back mak 2 mak asked for tha money so now i rip off ur necklace. Sleepin on tha street for christmas.Passin u by in my short shortz n u still cant c mah cake. Can't spare u dime cuz u gifted i just spared a life.

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