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Competition Entry by C-Mor Green (Guest)

Submit Date: December 13, 2006

This is more than rap it's the league of flow/I was drafted from high school wit moves never seen befo.
No looks and cross over dribbles/ Break the glass when I post up, all net triples.
I raise hell 'til the devil is God/ And girls dig my style like it's a shovelin' job.
Me I stay busy rhymes off the hook/ I take niggaz to school and make 'em pay like it's the cost of books.
Street smart cause I talk to crooks/ Im unseen y'all never thought to look.
Fall back like you at ya baptism/ I crack systems/ And fill blunts like packede prisons.
The world was mine befo Shaq had T.W.I.S.M./ Genius like the GZA/ Out for gold nuggets like Denver.
I flow like water fountains/ Im so tight niggaz got more beef than slaughter houses.
I turn rhymes into relevant life/ The only way to picture this is to develop it twice/ Glide through life like a pelican's flight/ I keep my bones in the closet on that skeleton hype/ Never reveal witout tellin' it right/ Respect takes time to get so Im mailin' ya stripes.

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