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Bhi Born Husslers Begin To Do It Do It

Posted on May 28, 2006 by

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Lil Jon's latest signing to his BME record label comes in the form of BHI, aka the Born Husslers.

Their recent track 'Do It, Do It'(Pool Palace) features Lil Jon himself and is beginning to receive recognition throught the hip hop world.

With Lil Jon on their side and a catchy debut track we can be sure to expect a lot more from BHI in the future.


BHI - Do It Do It (Pool Palace) ft Lil Jon

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For more than a decade the south has imparted unique gifts of music, dance and style to hip-hop culture. Atlanta, Houston, Miami and New Orleans have consistently stood out as premier hot spots; cultivating some of the best and brightest stars to ever shine in the spotlight. Following in that tradition is Atlanta’s latest hip-hop sensation Born Husslers, Inc. Helmed by producer and rapper K-Rab, the originator of the wildly contagious “snap” music, BHI is a motley crew of four of today’s most outstanding MC’s.

BHI signed to Lil’ Jon’s BME Recordings and Warner Bros. Records through K-Rab’s Strictly Bizness Records in early 2006. The highly publicized deal was solidified shortly after K-Rab received worldwide recognition for his ground-breaking instrumental composition of fellow Atlanta based group D4L’s smash record “Laffy Taffy.” As the recognized creator of “snap” music, K-Rab’s unparalleled style of production has ushered in a party sound that innovatively includes percussion finger snaps along with catchy lyrical chants and adlibs. Having a history not only as a producer, but as a hip-hop artist as well, it only made sense that K-Rab‘s first release from Strictly Bizness would be his group, BHI.

K-Rab, Hard Head, Yung J and Skeet make up the musical entity known as BHI. Representing Atlanta and New Orleans, BHI officially formed in early 2005 when all the members went into the studio together for the first time. “When everybody got together, everybody was clicking,” says Skeet who met K-Rab through a family member. “Everybody was similar but brought something different to the table. We were like we have to start a group and everyone started throwing around names right then and there.”

Yung J maintained a hometown friendship with K-Rab prior to joining the group. While pursuing his hustle, a solo rap career, J was introduced to Skeet and Hard Head who had also been getting their respective hustles on. “It went from all of us doing our thing separately to doing it together,” says Yung J. By compiling their talents, the group’s stock quickly increased, and Born Husslers, Inc was birthed.

Hard Head met the guys when he moved from New Orleans to Atlanta after graduation. “We went to grinding, doing this music,” he adds. “They are like my brothers. Basically, it’s a natural chemistry. It’s like four positives. Everyone has their own style and way about things and that’s what makes everything so unique.”

Indeed each member of BHI brings something distinctively different yet complementary to the group. Yung J, who has worked with various artists from the Atlanta region since the age of fourteen, provides the group with a street vibe. Having been in the music industry longer than some of the other members, Yung J integrates hood life and industry politics into BHI’s music. “Yung J is the oldest so he brings the game to the table. He’s like the teacher,” says Skeet, who is known for his character and charisma. “Skeet is one big party,” says K-Rab. “He’s the guy you want at your club, house party or just around period. The same goes for Hard Head.”

With a name that screams he doesn’t exactly listen well, it’s actually the opposite for Hard Head who acquired the moniker from his hood. A survivor of Hurricane Katrina, Hard Head says, “In New Orleans we have different wards, I’m from the seventh ward, seven is known for the St. Bernard Projects which has a skull as a mascot, which is a hard head, so basically I’m repping my hood.” Hard Head started out doing skits on mixtapes for K-Rab before writing rhymes. Known as the comedian of the group, he was the first to bring to light the “Do it, Do it” dance as portrayed on BHI’s first single “Do It, Do It (Pool Palace).”

“Pool Palace is a club in Bankhead, on the west side of Atlanta, a spot where a lot of underground music gets played,” declares Hard Head of the popular hangout. “We had seen the dance but it never had a name,” explains Skeet of the inspiration behind BHI’s “Do It, Do It (Pool Palace).” The fast-paced, adrenaline-racing track with body shaking melodies features a suggestive hook guaranteed to have you “bending your knees and rocking your hips on your tippy toes.” Lil’ Jon’s signature adlibs only add more life to the already vivacious, finger popping track.

While “snap” music is sprinkled all over BHI‘s self-titled debut album, K-Rab explains that the dance inducing genre of music is bigger than the singles put out by D4L and Dem Franchise Boyz and that the BHI record contains other forms of music. “All of us are from the hood and we’re a good time crew but at the same time we had to bring real life to it. So there’s a lot on this album outside of ‘snap’ music,” affirms K-Rab.

With songs like the playful “Bubblegum” celebrating all the diverse flavors of women to “On The Westside” which creatively breaks down ATL culture from the slang, to the swagger, to the dances to “Ooh Baby” with its lighthearted, mid tempo instrumental, Born Husslers, Inc presents to the world, through their self-titled debut album, an undefined side of “snap” music and an ATL presence like none other. Rock on.

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Comment by dopederrick, on 21st June 2006


I got all of lil jons cds and his stuff is decent most of the I think bhi will be a pretty good group over time

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