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Breez The Hungry And Young Grinder

Posted on December 1, 2005 by

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Growing up on the streets of Staten Island, NY Breez a.k.a. Azeez Bakare learned to become aware of the music life at a young age. The city they call Shaolin is already placed on the map, with it being the home of great hip-hop artists. The Wu-Tang Clan can easily be shown to deliver this quality just like another great producer from Shaolin we all are getting to know.

Ever since he was born, Breez has been around the life of music. In his life, he listened to various types of music. The types of music he listened to came from all over the map & he also had to face some obstacles in his life, moving him further down the map. He was then pointed into the state of Ohio.

He would always listen to music wherever he was…in the car, in his room, at school, any place where music had an output sound. His dad would always sing & play tunes on the radio from great genres including African, R&B, Hip-Hop, & Rap. His older brother also did the same but he would always be listening to more urban tracks. Breez would always be listening and learning the lyrics…then he would sing along. His voice talents then grew earning him spots in local talent shows and special urban talent showcases.

During middle school, Breez was still singing & participated in his school talent shows but then his perspective view on music changed…Instead of singing he began to start rapping & wanted to follow after his older brother. Once watching his older brother producing a couple tracks…Breez started to see himself as a producer. That very day he saw his brother making a production, Breez tried working with the subject of producing himself and came up with a couple projects of his own.

As years went by, he started to become more familiar with the aspects of music production. He started to realize what producing is and what he believes it is. One of the main reasons he decided to become a producer was because he wanted to make “other” people become more known for their skills and talents. He then began his official “grind” and started learning more about the promotion and marketing game. He started burning CD’s and giving them out to friends at school & carry around his CD player so his classmates could hear one of his new beats. He still does the same to this day...

Since then, he has become a well-known underground producer for his skills in the production game and his infamous blends keep fans stumped that he has such talents. His efforts and his blends such as “Keep Runnin” & “Da South” created such a buzz, they earned him exclusive features on popular worldwide hip-hop urban sites such as HipHopHavoc, HeavyHittahz, MiddleChildPromotions, Mobstaz & also great relationships with industry & non-industry artists & dj’s. FIREWORK ENTERTAINMENT & THE BAKERY are some projects he affiliation with. These include people such as Allstarr, Young Face, DJ Wally Sparks, DJ Hollywood, & DJ Wats. Breez is still on his way up there as day by day he knows he will never forget all of the people who have helped him and who continue to help him. Be on the lookout for Breez & don’t forget the name because its presence is still being proven…

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