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EMP Entertainment Streetz Young Deuces

Posted on August 24, 2005 by

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EMP Entertainment is Milwaukee, EMP Entertainment is the Midwest. Founded by Streetz & Young Deuces, the best underground duo out, Black Fred & G.P. the best management team in the business. EMP Entertainment is equipped with the full package. First off is the duo Streetz & Young Deuces who has put their mark on a lot of things, being featured in major magazines, such as The Source, and on all the major websites Streetz & Young Deuces holds their own. Then their production team Da Hardknoxx constantly hits the world with beats that?ll make ya grandma get up and move. Then the lyrical assassin P. Stackz, who every time he touches the mic he has a story of life and its ups & downs. T. Keyz, a mastermind on the beats, and so damn lyrical, T. Keyz may play the background alot but when he touch downs, he really does his thing. Then the youngn?s Astro & Chainz who are way ahead of their time, lyrics that sound more like a 25 year old coming from cats that are 16 & 17. Not to mention the Management Team of the year, G.P. & Black Fred are strictly business and they let you know that from the start. Milwaukee is already familiar with the infamous letters EMP which stand for more than a record label, EMP is a movement, EMP is a way of living. Only the flyest & the finest can rep the letters E-M-P.

Streetz & Young Deuces have been putting it down in a major way. Showing their verbal skills on basically every song they rock they prove that the midwest cannot and will not be slept on. Forefronting the EMP movement Streetz & Young Deuces is the name you think of. From the drop of their debut album "The Future" Streetz & Young Deuces show the industry that making songs is not foreign to them, still on the mixtape they grab the streets and let them know they ain't lost it. Streetz & Young Deuces have been said to be some of the hardest working artists out, being affiliated with so many DJ's, Producers & Websites. They have already been featured in major magazines such as The Source and on basically every hip hop website out. Never selling out they stick to what they know, the streets, you won't find alot of club songs from them. Streetz & Young Deuces is still the future and they hold the title well, it's only a matter of time before someone jumps on this group.

Streetz & Young Deuces obviously are the big dogs coming up in the midwest. They have accomplished so many things it's mind boggling. They stay true to the love of music by working with almost any and everybody, and they are some TRUE LYRICIST. From the mixtapes to the albums, to the features they come on point and they spit piff. Coming
from Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the age of 19, it's even harder for them to get on, but like they say "It only makes us Grind Harder" and that shows. They have been on many major hip hop websites, such as this one.

The Source magazine rated them next, and they are already doing songs with majors such as Dipset, White Boy etc. With the upcoming release of We Want In Vol.2 hosted by one of their many affiliated DJ's, DJ G-Spot, they wait to prove that they deserve a spot in the hip hop world. Keep your ears opens and your eyes wide, because the midwest is on the rise and Streetz & Young Deuces is one of the key reason.

Some of their multimedia can be heard in our very own multimedia section. Give them a listen!

For more information, you can visit their website at EMP Entertainment

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