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Hip Hop Street Credibility Counts For Nothing

Posted on April 29, 2007 by

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Street cred. Like that matters at all in hip hop. Ask me, I'd say its all about skill and stamina. You can't just go and judge someone because they aint reppin from the Bronx or Compton. Yeah, it plays a role in the style the rappers got to bring, but that's where it stops. Just because a boy never been to jail, or been in a gang, or done anything worse than alil bit of weed, don't mean that he cant cut up the beats better than someone like Jay-Z. Please, you go and judge someone cuz they're not holding a gun in their photo op, or they dont have a warrant for their arrest, or they dont sling rocks on their blocks with loaded glocks poppin off at cops, that dont make you any better than the one out of a thousand that are just a marketing gimmick.

Anytime I hear about a hot rapper on MTV or Muchmusic (in Canada), they talk bout units of sale, like how many cd's the rapper sold. Yeah, in a way, that's a good way to tell the talented from the ones that shouldn't have even thought about puttin their voice to music, but that doesn't account for the 50,000 other MC's that don't got the $1.5 million that it takes to get their 'singles' in high-rotation, or get their faces on every other commercial on TV.

People got no clue what kind of work goes into producing a track that isn't mass-marketed to fit into a certain demographic. Those ones acctually make their own music. They write their own lyrics. Their shit comes from the heart, not their wallet. Money is simply a minor (and i mean MINOR) afterthought. All they care about is the beat, the music and the lyrics its simple. Is it real when it's played in high rotation on MTV? Probably not..But, honestly, if you can't tell the different between Nelly and Nas, you probably shouldnt be listening to hip hop.

By Jooba

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Comment by djnme, on 17th June 2007

Basically be real and dont be another one of the industrys gimmicks.

Comment by CurtisCNutz, on 11th June 2007

If you don't know/ now ya know n#$ think you can reall be street and roam among high society who is already afraid of you. Haha!!! They let us kill ourselves while we lend a helpin hand. Folks do anything when they hungry a hustler know his worth and make his own way. Look at master p!!! B 4 you do, don't hate on the south. I'm from alabama and raised in chicago. They said the south would rise again, but its black this time around, you should congratulate. We still hated on hard in the south, but we influence alot. In a minute...renegade

Comment by WIPE_ME_DOWN, on 3rd May 2007

Tahts wats up good article 8)

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