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Is Solomon Wise With Windows To The Soul

Posted on July 26, 2006 by

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Solomon Wise may not be a familiar name in the hip hop world, but based on his talent this will only be a matter of time. Having had a passion for hip hop from an early age of 13, he advanced onto Graffiti and breakdancing at the age of 17.

Born in New Jersey, Solomon moved around a lot and had experience of different styles from various areas. He then set pen to paper in an effort to bring together what he had learned and hopefully explode onto the scene.

It all started in High school where he would be the centre of attention, rapping at every opportunity, the bigger the audience the better the performance.

In 1998, Solomon was recognized as South Floridas Greatest Emcee during the annual battle contest at Club Boca.

Windows to the soul presents guest appearances from Killah Priest and KRS Ones B.D.P. member Soulflower. Windows to the soul is a perfect summary of the album as we are enter a journey into the mindset and soul of this rap artist. Compared to many current hip hop artists Solomon does not glamorize the usual, but has a distinct message with every song which he writes. It's refreshing to hear words with true meaning and a touch of poetic mastery.

Solomon's flow is effortless, but nonetheless creates an impact and intrigue to hear more.

Stand out tracks include Dayzandnitez which earned a few spins on various shows. This track along combines a good solid hook and what Solomon is all about, his message. It's evident with this track alone, that his multiple rhyming patterns are on a level with the best out there whilst retaining his message through complex rhymes. Wake Up is also a highlight track and one which touches on a variety of issues which he covers in the way he knows best, poetic rhyming.

Solomon is a refreshing artist and definitely worth a listen just to hear his message and opinions. Do not expect to hear what has become somewhat stereotypical hip hop but do expect to take a new perception on hip hop and it's various styles.

For more information on Solomon Wise check out his website at

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