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K Cino And Dr Period Collaboration

Posted on August 11, 2005 by

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Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Kyle Kane aka K-cino?s diverse musical background comes from being exposed to so many different cultures throughout his 22 years of experience. Attending The Academy for Business and Computer Technology, a magnet high school in Hackensack, NJ, provided a strong multicultural background, further developed by the encouraging environment of The University of Maryland. Despite legal issues that could have landed him 25-life, and despite his family battling cancer, K-cino has been able to do something no blue-eyed artist has ever pulled off; through matching his talent with hard work and dedication, in and out, city to city, K-cino has managed to single-handedly create a multidimensional, international market for his music.

After dropping his first LP, entitled, "Project: Hustle...the early years" in the Baltimore/DC Metro Area, K-cino was ready to take his product back home to the tri-state, where he linked up with super producer D/R Period to drop his debut international release, "The Bottom Line". Executive produced by D/R Period himself, and featuring a host of incredible celebrity talent, "The Bottom Line" will prove to be one of this years heatseakers, as K-cino makes his mark on the industry with tracks such as, "A Better Way", "For The Love", and the smash club single, "Work That". K-cino asks you to challenge the talent in the game today, and leaves you with a nostalgic feeling of something you've heard before, loved, and have been missing for all these years; and he's been here, waiting in the wings, the entire time. Welcome K-cino, and thank's about time.

K-cino's 'The Bottom Line' release is scheduled for this fall, and promises some special appearances from some big names in the industry. With the addition of these big names, and the incredible production of D/R Period this album is sure to raise some heat and recognition for K-cino.

K-cino is scheduled for 'Tha Awakening Tour' on October 1st where he will appear in 24 cities nationwide.

For more information on K-cino visit his website at

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