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Pastor Troy Contest And Prize Giveaway

Posted on June 28, 2009 by

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HipHopReaction are proud to be holding a contest in which one lucky winner will win an autographed Pastor Troy album, poster and t-shirt!

This competition is now closed, congratulations to Sean Cauley, our winner!

Troy was raised under the eyes of his parents Alfred and Sheryl Troy. His father, who was of Haitian descent was a hard working man who was a drill instructor turned pastor who tried to lead Troy down the path of the straight and narrow. Therefore, Troy grew up in the church, but was still tempted to indulge in acts that contradicted what was taught there. Troy was exposed to many aspects of street life, the influence of which can be heard in the lyrics of his music. He attended Creekside High School in the Atlanta area. He also stayed in Montgomery, Alabama.

Troy’s album Universal Soldier contains a mixture of street life and religion. Despite the dichotomy present, Troy is still able to represent each side in an equal light. His southern classic album Face Off provided some of the most illuminating lyrical passages into the dichotomy of the angry young African-American mentality and religious interplay. The song "Vice-Versa" deals with this issue as it addresses the true meaning of sin and hell.

Pastor Troy is not only a solo artist; he is featured in several songs by other artists. Ludacris featured Troy on his album Back for the First Time in the song "Get Off Me." Troy also appeared on Young Jeezy's "Come Shop With Me", on the track entitled "GA". White Dawg has produced songs for Troy, notably their collaboration "FL Boy." In addition, Pastor Troy is also the front man of the rap group DSGB (Down South Georgia Boys). This group had a hit with the song "DSGB". Sup was also featured on the collaborative album Kings of Crunk in the song "Throw it Up." Troy and then friend Lil' Jon reached the top of the charts in the south with songs such as "Vice Versa" and "Throw it Up".

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