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Poc Dawone Is Moving Forward In The Game

Posted on June 5, 2006 by

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Poc Dawone is a multi-talented performer, with an already established acting career and now a MTV deal which will see his hip hop music career propelled.

We had the chance to ask Poc some questions about both his acting and rapping, and discover more about his ambitions and long term aims as well as his history, in time for his album release 'Damn Right'.

HipHopReaction: Introduce yourself, and tell us when and how you broke into the entertainment industry.

Poc Dawone: Yo what’s up my name is Poc Dawone. People always ask, “where does my name come from” well in high school they nick named me Poc because at that time my hair was extremely long and came close to touching my waist, so Poc was a male version of Pocahontas. Dawone comes from me being the only boy in my family. The first thing I ever did in the entertainment industry was a television show on PBS called “Madison Heights”. I played a bully on the show and I was 17 at the time.

HipHopReaction: You began your acting career at an early age. What was it like to
Have a role in the successful 'Friday After Next'?

Poc Dawone: It was a dream come true to me, being a kid from the small town of Rialto, CA and all. The thought of being in a major film was surreal to me until I stepped onto the set. Mike Epps was really cool and we had a lot of fun on the set joking around.

HipHopReaction: In all your acting roles so far, which has been the most fun to play and most valuable in terms of experience?

Poc Dawone: I would have to say my role on “Injustice” as Donald Brooks. I played a convicted murderer who was innocent but was sentenced to life with out parole. Through the course of the story my character rides through a gamut and wide range of emotions from laughing and joking to being angry and then crying. The crew and the director gave me a lot of freedom to do my work. The show really showcased my talent as an actor.

HipHopReaction: 'Moving Forward' is the debut single from the album 'Damn Right'. Could you explain the album title and the overall vibe of the album?

Poc Dawone: The title of the album is a symbol of how serious I am about who I am and what I stand for. If someone would ask you a question of any sort and you answered back with “You damn right!” they’re not going to take you lightly. This album isn’t to be taken lightly, so “Damn Right” is the perfect phrase that captures that. The vibe of the album is based solely on truth. It’s a reflection of who I am as a man and the many facets of my personality. “Damn Right” consists of tracks that are fun and exciting like “Where They At?” which focuses on the club fan base and dancing and “Hide and Seek” which is about an “innocent” game of strip hide and seek. The first single off the album “Moving Forward” reveals my tenacity, adversity and understanding of the struggles that people have while trying to move forward with their lives, dreams and goals. Other songs on the album like “I Want U Tonight” talks about a special woman in my life and the great lengths I would go through to please her and fulfill her fantasies. I also have a song on there called “I’m Still Here” about the near fatal accident I was involved in while recording the album. So the to put it short, the album is an interpretation and portrait of who I am as a man.

HipHopReaction: During album production, you were involved in a serious car accident. How did this change your outlook on life and did it inspire any of your lyrics?

Poc Dawone: My outlook on life has totally changed since the accident. It was total confirmation for me that I am here for a purpose and that my purpose is not completed yet. Statically I should not be here nor walking or running, so God has truly bless me with another opportunity to do his work and bring people to his kingdom. So since the accident my lyrics and passion has been inspired to the fullest. I feel that my music has to change the world and effect people to do more for themselves by encouraging them to live better and happier lives. I want my fans to hear my music and it to motivate them to finish high school or step out on faith to fulfill their dreams or do things they may have been scared to do. In short, just to help them realize that the impossible is possible with God and hard work.

HipHopReaction: From a music perspective, who have been your greatest influences?

Poc Dawone: My mother Alleen Hood and Choice James Skinner are. My mother and I would take long road trips for 2 or 3 days and we would listen to a variety of music, from blues to R&B, Funk and Disco you name it. I listen to everyone and have a love for all types of music. Choice took what my mom did to another level by teaching me how to make music that people would feel and be affected by.

HipHopReaction: Are there any specific artists at the moment, which you would like
to collaborate with?

Poc Dawone: Prince. Do I really have to go into detail?

HipHopReaction: Would you rather be recognised as a successful actor or a successful rapper?

Poc Dawone: As a successful man. There a lot of things I would like to be acknowledged for in and outside of music and film. So to be considered a great man is the road I’m set on.

HipHopReaction: What are your long term goals and ambitions?

Poc Dawone: One of my goals would be to help the outlook and understanding of responsibility that a man has just by being born. The urban community is falling apart due to the lack of complete families, especially the black community. So my goal is to affect young urban brothers by first leading by example and then motivating brothers to take care of their families and inspiring them to be there for their kids and their women. Sisters have pulling the weight for a long time and it time that we as men understand what being a man really is.

HipHopReaction: Is there anything else you would like to add and/or any shoutouts?

Poc Dawone: I would like to thank God because without him I am nothing and with him I am everything. Thanks to all the fans, record pools, dj’s, radio and anyone else banging “Moving Forward” right now. Look out for my video “Moving Forward” which debuts on MTV’s video on demand in August and is already on Yahoo Unlimited Music. Check out the movie “National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2”, my music has been placed on their soundtrack and in the movie and I have film that I’m one of the leads in called “Rome and Jewel” set to come out this fall. Thank you all and God Bless!

For more on Poc Dawone you can visit his website at

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