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The Longshots And Their Hunger For Music

Posted on June 24, 2006 by

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The LongShots, comprising of Crayon and Rock Shabazz, have finalised their brand new album entitled Hunger Music. The hip hop duo recently joined forces with production specialists The Beat Bandits and instantly set their sights on a collaborative album combining both lyrical and production skillsets.

From the Streets of New York, hip hop had remained an important part of growing up as they were constantly involved in the music and the associated lifestyle from an early age.

"Even though other places get it poppin', just the same, rappers still got to come to New York to solidify their spot in the game. But as a fan, I love hip-hop from everywhere. I feel like rap is like air and you can't capture it and keep it to one coast; you can only let it go and let it be where it wants to be," explains Crayon, one half of the duo.

"We wanted our debut to be a very East Coast oriented, biographical LP. The second may be different. But with the first one, we had a lot of things to get off our chest, so we wanted to make that statement." The duo is currently working on a new EP, titled The Jungle Book, which they hope will hold over their fans until their sophomore release, where they plan to begin collaborating with other emcees in the game.

The album promises much in terms of lyrical content and solid production, and delivers right on point. The production and lyrics compliment each other throughout the album's entirety and the duo seem to flow effortlessly over the accompanying beats. The LongShots lyrics come across as hard hitting and they take the opportunity to put forward their personal opinions and views into a 16 track long album. The lyrics, however, convey their own unique messages and not those glorified by the majority of current rappers. The momentum is relentless and if nothing else, accelerates rather than gradually ease off.

Track Listing
1. By The MacDonalds On Jamaica Ave.
2. Hunger Music
3. If You With Me
4. Life We Livin
5. Audioriot
6. Cold World, Frozen Tears
7. Hands Up
8. Sneak Attack
9. Girl Next Door
10. Reality
11. Running Back To You
12. Game Of Love
13. Ready For War Pt. 2
14. Pallbearers
15. First Brick
16. Itís All Over

Following albums will no doubt be chilled down a level or two, but this is an explosive debut and one which could cause them to blow up in the big time.

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